1. GBE




    We are one of the pioneers in Tuen Mun, or even in Hong Kong to introduce a school-based curriculum of Global Education Learning Domain. In the school year 2018-2019, our first major concern was to implement Global Education and nurture globally competent students.

    One of our major aims of implementing Global Education in our school is to create a learning environment for our students to explore the world. We aim to provide an opportunity for students to expose to different cultures and widen their horizons.

    Project-based learning is the core learning strategy we use in our Global Education school-based curriculum. It is an effective strategy to motivate students to be engaged in learning.



    1. 跨學科國際教育文化周(全校)
    2. 世界文化服飾日 (全校)
    1. Cross-Curricular GBE Week


      World Cultural Dress-up Day